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The V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education is a hospitality institute with facilities in tune with international hospitality institutes. With strategic tie-ups with top institutes in Europe - it is aiming to be the top destinations for hospitality management in India. VMSIIHE had engaged Amplify to increase their online presence and increase the no of students applying for for admission to the college. The fulcrum of this strategy was the website and hence the first step was upgrading the website to match international standards

Hospitality Management  encompasses a much wider scope vis-à-vis  a Hotel Management Degree, which was what we decided to focus on.

A detailed keyword research was conducted to understand what the customer (student & parents) expectations from the institute .Focus keywords were defined & combined with competitive research were used to define our navigation menu, pages, sections, images & website structure.

The website target along with the students & parents was also the recruiters & search engines like Google , hence sections dedicated to the same were also created in the website. 

Huge investment in  infrastructure to bring the institute to international levels meant higher fees. This increased the complexity of the communication where we had to justify the reasons and the result. The robust academic curriculum, faculty  campus life, international internships, top national and international recruiters & career prospects beyond hotel management.

The mixed target groups for the website - needed  communication which could be understood across groups. Hence iconography & imagery  was used to communicate important aspects of the institute along with  written communication.

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