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Brand Strategy & Design

Brand Strategy:Name Positioning, Architecture, Tone of Voice

Brand  Identity: Logo Design, Brand Visual Language

Brand Style Guide: A guide to present a unified vision of the brand to public

Brand Touch-points: Stationery, Collateral - Brochures & Sales Manuals,  Space & Retail Design, Packaging Design etc.

Inbound Marketing & Lead Gen

The Visitor initiates the conversation

Lead Gen & Nurturing System

Search Content  Optimization 

Blog and Content Marketing

Content Automation

Social Media Optimization

Marketing Automation & CRM

Experimental Marketing


Creative Design & Content Creation

Graphic design- Brochures, Advertisements, Hoardings 

Website & Digital Design: Website, Digital Profiles , HTML E-mailer Design, Digital Visiting Cards

Content Creation – Business Storytelling based on  keyword research 

Content Production -Videos, Photography, Animation, Voice-overs & Live Video  

Data Driven Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing 

Display Advertising

Content Marketing

E-commerce Marketing

E-mail direct Marketing

Mobile & In-App Marketing

Marketing & Communication Strategy

Long Term Planning to define Target Market, Communication Channels , Budget & Growth targets

Define Your Target Audience

Define you Unique Selling Proposition 

Define Marketing Channels 

Define Brand Touch-points

Define Success Metrics

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Social Content Creation

Listening & Engagement

Social Media Advertising

Social Analytics

Content Marketing

Influencer Marketing

User Generated Content


Outbound Mktg. & Advertising

The business initiates the conversation with the Customer

Print Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

TV/Radio advertisements

Event & Exhibitions


Database Marketing

Direct Mailers

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Customers decision making has changed due to the emergence of digital platforms. Augmented by digital, they are making faster, lower risk decisions, as a result threatening traditional companies across a variety of industry sectors. 

Amplify approach to this challenge is data driven digital marketing where we study the behavior of your visitors to your Digital properties like Website, Social Media, Blogs, Influencers etc. & tailor our strategies based on this data. 

Our approach  is based on the Customer journey which we have simplified into four phases  -Attract, Engage, Convince & Delight.

  • Your probable customers get familiar with your brand and business. At this stage they do not know the value your product/service, hence we will tailor custom content to build up the value and obtain the customers mindshare

  • Build deeper relationship with the customer vis-à-vis a business’s products/services & how they can help the customer solve his problem.

  • The customer knows the inherent value of your product and we will convey the USP of your product/service as compared to the competitors. It is also essential to covey the benefits to the customer beyond the features of the product/service

  • Retain a customer to make him a loyal customer & maybe even an influencer – who will influence the decision making process of future customers. This stage if not executed can lead to the loss of business & goodwill gained in earlier stages.

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